My Opinions of "Problems" in Hopscotch



Ok all of my school HATES me. I am forced to sit next to the one how hates me the most in Math Class. I know I wasn't very nice the day she called me a word that makes me angry but she did call me that. When she said that we were outside and I ran just ran to a corner and cried.I wanted to run and run till I was out of breath and far away from my school but I didn't. She made me realize that I am not as strong as I have thought. Now all of my school excufor a few are against me. Now my teacher aren't. They don't even know about this but I have gotten something that lets me spend my Gym period with our Consulor and I will try to tell her then.


Funky 63 has been rude to people about chatrooms, but English is not his native language! He may be trying to give a friendly reminder but it comes out wrong! There was an email from a victim sent and the Hopscotch team and they sorted it out.


I know how it feels!!! When I was in 3rd grade my BFF ditched me 6 times! I knew this isn't something she does, so I tried to sort it out, then a girl who was new helped me! We actually had A LOT in common! Now, I wish I could go back and change the fight because my BFF moved away... ;(


I now I now and I understand that he is older and there a younger people on Hopstoch.


@Rawrbear you did help me. It made me realize that I'm not stranded on a boat with only people who can't help me. Sometimes these days I feel a bit depressed, but I try to stay strong. Every Tuesday I need to go to some kind of therapist because my teacher was telling my parents I had a bad temper with getting things wrong. I MEAN COME ON!!!! I'M SENSITIVE AND GET FRUSTRATED EASILY!!!!! AND MY TEACHER WAS THE ONE WHO LIED ABOUT ME SAYING SOMETHING WHILE SPELLING A WORD I DIDN'T SAY!!! LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, TEACHER!!!


Calm down, it so ok have you told the person you are seeing that your teacher is lying. Also to say something I wouldn't normally say but you might want to if you have a phone or a camera put it somewhere were your teacher won't find it and record them and then show that to your parents. Just an idea for you to think about.


@BlackDawn my iPad would either run out of battery or turn off. She only did it once, but that moment is the only reason why I have a therapist. As I said, I'm sensitive which means temper, but not only about getting things wrong.


Suing? How does that help, anyways?
Also, what c?


Ok I understand you with a temper. I have that too. Sorry but this reminds me of the Motherly Scootalo Tumblr comic. Look it up on YouTube.


The copyright emoji to out at the end of your title in a project.


You don't put a copyright symbol just because


Never mind I give up on this part of the discussion. It is more that it is not ok to remix a project that took longer that a month to make.


Yeah...someone remixed one of my projects, and got some likes...
I'm not that famous, so his number of likes was close to mine (a long time ago when I made it)


Ok, so you say chatrooms are okay when they don't clog up your following tab. But they DO clog up the Remixes of my Projects tab, which is super annoying when I am looking for my lottery entries especially. That's only part of the reason I am strongly against chatrooms.


My reply was a joke.


Ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Rawrbear I don't mind Fluffy Marshmallow much because yes, she does fill up my remixes with chat but she does draw characters with her chat stuff. For me, you can chat all you want if you have a nice picture to go with it. Ifightformyfriends has recently been publishing a lot of chat remixed from my Dragon-Pad, which annoys me a lot.


Lol my dog's name is Greta. @Rawrbear @BlackDawn also, I hate it when my friends pester me every day at recess I don't wanna be their friends anymore, and my mom tells me to stay away from them. I do, but when I'm playing with my TRUE, REAL friends, she just comes up and starts drama.


Yeah, that's annoying!! A like for you (I ran out... AGAIN!)! :heart:


Be careful since she might be on the forums. Just unfollow her if she gets really annoying.