My Opinions of "Problems" in Hopscotch



Ok before you comment, "This is off topic and mean." This is meant to be about how I feel on certain topics here. @oio might find the ok or this good start a friendly debate. Ok here I go.

Chatrooms: They aren't bad . Now I am not saying that they are great, but when they aren't filling up your following screen they are ok.

Begging for likes: Ok some people make mistakes. I was near to quitting when the AquaMermaid Incident happened. I really don't like it when people criticize other people just for ONE LITTLE THING! Sorry just ugh.

Remixing: Ok hen it is something that you didn't put much effort into ok that is fine. Where it draws the line is when it is a project your spent months and for me with my current project maybe a year. What you make is yours and you could put a :copyright: in the project to prevent people from copying it.Don't handle it like Funky 63

Bullyin g : Ok I am a girl who looks tough on the out side but am weak on the inside. No this isn't because I am a girl. Before my greatgrandmother died I didn't think the deat h existed. Then she died and I didn't think much of it. Finally when I was 10 I realized that many of the things I thought she would see she never will. On the day of the my first band concert I cried in Gym because I knew how proud she would be of me. I am crying now from making this. I don't like seeing people being bullied.

This is how I feel on stuff like this. I know that the last one was mostly as story but if you want me to continue with that I will. And this is not to be a 'Pitty Party ' for me. That was to show you that I know what is feels like to be broken.


I think the reason people don't really like chatrooms is because they can even form into a fight.


Yeah I know that si manly created from bullyin g which leads to fights. cough Funky 63 cough


Placing a small c in the title won't stop remixing/copying.
This ability is built into the app and users know this before publishing anything. You could try suing someone for copying/remixing your project that hasn't made any money to begin with. Maybe the artists who made the emojis can sue as well as they aren't getting their share of $0.


Yeah true that is true. Though I think that the artist were payed by Apple to make them and Apple ones them but anyways.mIt would be more to so that if some looked at the project it the Editor closely they would find it. Many of the Rehoppers don't even look at the code much less the text Lat is hidden behind everything.


Oh, boy... I can just hear some sergeant getting loud at one of his subordinates for being distracted by something that didn't matter:

"How many times I gotta tell you, solider?! The main THING is to KEEP the MAIN thing the MAIN THING! DO! YOU! UNDERSTAND! ME? SOLIDER!"


I'm not saying anything like that to anybody, but I really, really, REALLY just want everyone to consider how fortunate they are to have the chance to code in the first place and to share with people across the whole world! It's AMAZING! At what time before in all of human history has that been possible? We must make the most of it.

Please just consider this.

There are a LOT of people all over the world, even some in the place where I grew up, who simply do not have the chance that we enjoy now. I would like to think that the coders on Hopscotch can receive the opportunity with gratitude and curiosity and happiness and amazement and not with selfishness or insecurity or meanness. I want to see everybody have a chance to know for themselves what it is to learn through practice, without getting discouraged or jealous, and to gracefully thank and to acknowledge those who set a good example and help them, then to discover something new and amazing on their own, to share share that new thing freely with others, then to receive all of the good feelings and results that come from doing that and from teaching others to do likewise... without becoming prideful. And all of that stuff I just said, well, that's the MAIN thing.

It's really simple, guys. Start with kindness - including to yourself, @BlackDawn.


Ok ok I am kinda I know but how could you if you are forced to sit next to your enemy. I am very kind and crazy but that doesn't get me anywhere.I am seen as crazy and insane at school. Do you know the song Renegadss. IT here is one line I in that song that I love "So all hail the underdogs" I am an underdog. life hasn't been kind to me. My name is Emma and I am lost, alone, and broken and in need of someone who will never go away or leave me. Deat h is my only true enemy.


I know about that I right now in my 'Advanced' Socials Studies we are studying the Great Depression. This has happened to this Country before if you live in the U.S. and it might happen again. I want to help those people but I van't. Who would believe a girl like me.


I gave a like even though i don't understand your comments at all.


It Sims ok no problen


Does anyone have anything else to say?


Fluffy marshmallow all over again!! Nowadays, she barely draws and starts to fill up my following tab with chatrooms. :neutral_face:

What's the difference between these two?? (But I am still sorry for your loss :pensive:)


Wat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What do you mean bullyin g is different from dying.


Yeah I was on my kindle and I couldn't see my text.


I'm not trying to make this make you feel bad/harsh in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Now that you've read this, feel free to open the menu thingy.

Read the top part first!!

Dying is dying. You're not getting bullied or harmed in any way, shape or form, just grieving for someone.

Bullyin g is actually making someone feel bad by saying something mean to someone. Your great grandma wasn't bullyin g you. :wink:


@Rawrbear Why was I invited to such a topic to bring back horrible memories of me once being cyber bullied before I knew about hopscotch? That day my grandpa died? That day I feel horrible which has become a daily basis? No pitty. Only........question.


Sorry if I made you feel bad, I just wanted to give you a little help... :confused:


@Rawrbear you didn't literally make me feel bad, don't worry. This topic just brings back.......memories.........ya know?


Yeah.. :neutral_face::neutral_face::expressionless::sweat::pensive: