My opinions about various Hopscotch/forum things



Here are my thoughts on things that wouldn't be a long enough topic by itself.

Staying On Topic

I think it's okay to get a tiny bit off topic if you get back to the original topic. For example, if someone asks how to make these detail things, it'll be alright to tell them how to do it, but to get back to the original topic.
But, if someone randomly says "I LIKE PIE" when no one mentioned pie, then that's not good.
Counterpoint: just remind them to get back on topic. Don't immediately flag it. This can keep perfectly good topics from getting closed. If you tell them nicely, and if they say sorry and get back on topic, everything's good! But if they don't, that's when you should flag.


We know that bully-ing is bad, and telling them to stop is right, correct? Wrong. Usually.
If you see a project with hostility (being mean), report it. You can email THT as well if you are really concerned.
Remixing the project saying it's mean usually only is fighting fire with fire. It encourages the bully to do it more. But if you report it, THT can take care of it! :wink:
Try to think- if you're being rude to a bully, you're basically a bully yourself.

Being a Leader

This topic has spread like wildfire when Kiwicute2016 became a leader. People saying they should be a leader, saying other people should.
If you want to be a leader, ask yourself:
-Am I kind?
-Am I patient and kind with everyone?
-Am I willing to help everyone with everything, easy and hard?
If so, you have a higher chance of becoming a leader! But until then, just helping the community is the kindest thing you can do.
You can email THT (probably won't work in your favor, but okay), but the best thing to do is to wait and help. :wink:
I think THT does a great job, our leaders/mods are the most helpful bunch ever!

Collabs and Roles

This is more personal preference, but you may agree, I don't know.
I don't like it when I'm in a collab and I have nothing to do. When you're really eager to help, but you don't really have anything to work on.
I think that we should have more roles in collabs. That way that sad outcast (like me) doesn't get left in the dust while everyone else in the group is making amazing additions to the project.
It gets really upsetting when you even ask what to do, and the post just gets ignored.
What are your opinions on this?

I just wanted to get these various ideas out of my head. What do you think on these topics? I'd love to hear it!


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the first one was probably the best one, tbh


I love this topic! It explains a lot of questions :wink:

Do you mind if I add this to my Shortened Hopscotch Etiquette topic? I think it would be an amazing addition!


Yeah, I especially wanted to get the "don't immediately flag" thing through, but like I said, it's not really enough for a separate topic


Sure! :wink:


yeah, some people don't even know they are off topic, so flagging it right away isn't really that good because they will get mad and say it was flagged for no reason unless you explain why it got flagged.





Person#1: This is how you make details! (how to make details)

Person#2: Isn't this project SO COOL?!

(Everyone flags it)

Person#2: Ugh, why did I get flagged?!


Person#1: This is how you make details! (how to make details)

Person#2: Isn't this project SO COOL?!

Person#3: Please get back on topic, this is about details!

Person#2: Oh, ok, I'm sorry! I didn't realize! I'll talk about details now!


Don't beg to be a leader. That will show maturity to THT!


And if you want to get higher status, make useful topics and help keep the conversations relevant!


Or attempt to make useful topics. My "flagged posts" topic didn't work the way I needed it to. Ugh the bots :laughing:.


And sometimes the bot is against you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also: don't get too frustrated at bots or else it will go miserably for you XD


Reviving this topic.

  • I agree with you opinions, CC.

  • And now even more people want to become a leader, since Poptart and F4LO became leaders, so that leader part is useful

  • The bullyin part is particularly good too, with some of the drama we have had recently.