My opinion plz no hate


Plz no hate This is my opinion that I am entitled to.
The update is cool for those who choose to subscribe, but I feel like pictures are making some projects code less and people don't put hard work into them
Half of the games on featured are featured because they either have pictures and put a little work into the project or cuz their really good. Don't call me a hater I just feel like some people take advantage of the pictures my opinion


I think THT is just trying to advertise pictures! THT needs to make money, so the subscriptions are crucial.


I agree, it's taking all the creativity out of Hopscotch.


That's your opinion, so I understand where you are coming from. But thanks for expressing. It is feedback for THT.


I wouldn't say half of the games on featured. Scroll down a lot and you see things less simple and let me tell you, there's more than 60 week old games in there.


I :heart:️ These pictures


I understand that but my point is some people make projects of coded "iPads" but they are just big pictures! We need more creativity!!!!!!!! Sorry about da !!!!'s


I know right! The featured projects are mostly made with pictures, except for @MobCraft's sin and cos machine and @DMF's Snowball Run! I guess... A lot of "coded" projects are just one picture that's big! I'm not saying that they are bad, I'm just saying that the pictures are taking mostly all of the interesting things away from HS! HS is supposed to be a coding program, not letting pictures grow. I know THT needs money for HS to run, but I think they should put more projects that don't have images on featured then the ones that have images.


I agree.
Don't worry, it's fine to have opinions!


I agree
Btw the one I made was a joke


I agree! Hopscotch isn't Hopscotch with images!
I mean, ok, someone make a project. This project is image. It can be on trending, but featured...


I agree! Unless someone actually puts code into a project with pictures, then it's good enough for featured/trending!