My opinion on the new update for hopscotch (Pre-December update)

Just WHY??? Liza emailed me and said we got to make heads up. I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH! and then it said subscribers get to make heads up. Now this is making me angry.

Screenshot of the email I got:


But then how will I know how to make it?

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Ohhhhhhhhhh then I'll recycle soon

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You could check the code of that project on Featured, and learn it yourself. That's how I always learn.


No everyone can make heads up. For subscribers, you can make 2 different games. I forgot the names of them tho

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Anyone know the games that the subscribers can make?

One of them is Cat Cat Revenge I don't know the other one

Hey that's me and @Dylan329 pixel art donut

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Yep it is. Cool to see it there!

We sponsor this update we might make people want to join xD

Thanks for the advice!

Charge your iPad
But that isn't fair at all. Videos should be available to everyone

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I was doing HW


Huh, I just made Cat Cat Revenge earlier today...

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