My opinion about this



Warning: long essay! I needed to get my opinion into words, (and credit to @SnowGirl_Studios for inspiring this essay)

People quiting

Seriosly people. I did not join to long ago, but when I came everybody was friends. One person quits, it actually causes a chain reaction of people quiting. About every 5th topic is about someone quiting, and my opinion about this is if you quit, you will never achieve anything in hopscotch. If your dream was to get featured, if you quit, that would never happen. And plus, if you were someone's role model, then they would quit if you quit too. And plus plus, everytime someone quits sadness spreads across the forum, and I get really sad too. Don't do this to people.


This is a touchy subject. There are people who support it, and there are the haters. I for one, completely support this, and I am really glad @LGBT.Coder is using hopscotch to educate people about it. All of the leaders and moderaters support her too! If you don't support it, then all you have to do is leave the topic. No need to start flame wars just because of your opinion.

Flame Wars

There have been so many lately, and you cannot deny it. I want to stop these, and you guys can help me! In my opinion, there are 3 ways to stop a flame war.
1. change the subject
If you do that, people have a good chance of forgetting the flame war
2. bring a leader or moderator into it
these people can help so much, and if it gets out of hand, they can close the topic!
3. ignore it
Just ignoring and leaving the topic actually helps a lot, and people might follow your footsteps and completely ignore flame wars, causing them to stop.

My Final Opinion

We can all agree on this, the forum is going down, way down. We can stop this, as a team! We can make people happy, use our kindness to stop people from quiting, inspire people to learn LGBT, and bring the forum together again. That is my final word. :smile:


Nice speech Mate (sorry I know you are a girl and I am but I just like to call my nearest friends mates!).

I completely agree can I use this post on There is little kids on hopscotch ?


Of course you can! I am glad you liked it. :smile:


Can't like right now ;n; :heart:


I'll like it for you!
@Dude73 thanks for the great topic badge!
I got a gold badge finally
I owe you a lot!


This is a very good topic, and I'm seeing many come after me leave, and I don't like that :frowning: let's stick together everyone!



Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender~pt


Oh... Thanks!


That's a wonderful essay!


Thats very good and I think that EVERYONE needs to read this


that, my friend, is what I am gonna do now! Great speech!


Good speech! And I support LGBT too!


One question, some kids parents don't want there children to rebel agianst them and they're beliefs, we have to respect the parents so keep in mind when a kid says "my moms says this is wrong" please leave it alone, that's how they want to raise them (btw this is about LGTBA I believe that's how u say it


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