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Hello! As you can see, this my opinion about featured. Not just that though, also a message for everyone about featured :)

Okay so, a lot of people have been saying that the quality of featured has gone down. It kinda has been. But you know what I think? I think that getting featured is very encouraging, so giving featured to hops is going to encourage them to keep coding. And Hopscotch is all about learning to code, so encouraging and inspiring people on Hopscotch to keep coding by getting featured, is a really good idea in my opinion.

So basically, instead of complaining about the quality of featured projects, why don't we encourage, and inspire Hopscotchers to keep coding!

Remember, this is my opinion. I'm not calling anyone out, or saying you're opinions about featured projects are bad. I'm not trying to be offensive. It's just my opinion :)

Thanks for reading!

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I think that too! Small hopscotchers have to be cherished and nurished what?.
Cough cough me cough cough


Yep, I am constantly finding Hopscotchers who aren't very good at coding, but instead of remixing they still code. I like encouraging that, so I follow them and like their projects!


Yeah! I do da same!


Awesome! Let's keep on doing that lol ;D


Have you been featured?

Quote dis


I'm sure you will be soon! ^.^

To answer your question, yes, twice ;D


And thanks so much.


Your welcome!


I eat what you're saying. I feel like people are jealous because easier and easier things to code are getting on featured while something they make doesn't.


Yeah. (It could be because they might have been featured before and other Hops should have a chance too)


No offense but I kinda disagree

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Please read through my topic :)


That's fine, everyone's opinions are welcome! Also, why do you disagree? ;)


Let me write... hold I'm, doing homework


Okay Mimi ;D


I'm not on dere!
*Shrieks in surprise**


Lol, I'll tag you in the topic where you can add yourself ;D


Oki Thanks


Your welcome fren ;3