My olympics coding challeng


Plz don't close cuz someone made a topic already the olympics happen every 4 years so plz don't close cuz I don't feel like waiting four years.
Code a sports game that's related to the olympics and I will judge and make you a coded medal that's gold bronze or silver medal so only first second and third place winners also I'm not judging by anything else except coding quality


U need permission from me. That's a exact copy except without teams


Can I have permission? Plz don't say no if you do I will literally give up on life and not try at all


@Ella_13 plz answer me sorry if I'm angry I'm not patient at all


How is it different from mine?

Is this allowed? I'll give permission if this is allowed but I remember that last time i did something that was like Hfb's topic and mine got closed


Competitions, even if they're the same, are allowed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I'll change it if you win you'll get a peice of poop


Jk if you win u get a game coded of ur choice


Similar contest are allowed, I don't think he needs permission. :wink:


I was just making sure. Cause that's what I thought but then mine got closed

Sorry to tag you for this​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That's a little harsh.... Maybe try to rephrase it in a nicer way​:smiley:

@Kiwicute2016 I'm trying to act more like you now


That was a little harsh! Maybe say something like "I wouldn't really like it if I had to wait"

It's good that your trying to be a leader!


yeah I'm just trying to have a good attitude like @Kiwicute2016

I know that asking for leader is never the answer ( especially if u don't even have regular)

Being leader would be pretty awesome though XD


Yah! I can see you has a leader, just remember to always be kind! Kiwicute is a good role model, she is mine also!

Let's GBOT or talk in a different topic! :grinning:


before my suspension @Kiwicute2016 got mad at me A LOT. When I say a lot, I'm
Talking like twice a day ( now I'm past that behavior) Except whenever she got mad at me,
It as never in a mean way. She was alwasy so nice about it.
Now I just really want to act like her and like give a warning to someone but do it in a nice way


Only one question: What about the Hopscotch Hotel?


What is the Hopscotch Hotel? I don't feel like reading.


A collab by HFB
@Ella_13 made a spin-off of it yet it was closed


I changed stuff about it like made it about kindness and had a point system and other stuff

Yet it was too similar to HFB's post so it was locked. But then a week later a much of ppl come out with hopscotch hotels that are literally the same thing as what HFB did but they weren't closed. So that's why I was wondering if this topic was close worthy or not. But now I understand why it's not


Ah. Yes. It was considered "plagiarized" without credit, so it was closed and I believe a little flame war was going on so we closed it.