My old hopscotch account!


I had a really good account before accounts were made. Before there was login. I had some awesome things coded on it, and a really good project in drafts. Problem is, my little sister accidentally deleted hopscotch off my ipad! By the time I realised it was gone, and got it back, there was an update! You had to log in! My account hadn't got a password or anything because it was in an old update. That's the problem. Is there any way of signing back into my old account? Any way of getting the drafts back? Any way!? Please answer me, please help! Thanks!


Welcome @CheesyPizza! That's unfortunate!! : ( The only thing I can think of doing is emailing the Hopscotch team at to see if they can fix your problem or tell you how to solve it. Hope you can recover your drafts!


How about you email THT? They can help! I had the exact same problem and they fixed it! :3

Welcome to the forums! Make sure to follow the community guidelines and stay on-topic! Great job so far!!!

Have fun here! :3


I dunno....
Welcome tho! :D


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As far as I know, I don't think there's a way to get your old projects and drafts back from the old version. ;-; I'm so sorry! But, now that there's a login, it's not device specific, so you can log in and out of your account from any device! If you delete Hopscotch, you can log back in if you make an account. :D


He can get it back, he can email the Hopscotch Team to let him back in that account! :3


There is, it worked for me! :D

I had my account, accounts came, I logged out, I realized I had no password, so I emailed THT. I made it in! :3



They think there so funny.

Maybe email the hopscotch team?


Belated welcome! If you ever want help, tag me like "@KVJ"!

I would also suggest emailing the team :wink: