My official General topic! (Zachyswag)


How about... the East :0000


And last, the West.

So, you guys lol


I'm in EST right now!


I meant the west of the world lol...


Yes, I know... UGH I GIVE UP


Happy 1-year anniversary to @Anonymous and me!

I know what a bunch of you are gonna say... "BLAH BLAH BLAH Anon joined on December 1st".


@Hiimnew (AKA: anons backup account) was created today one year ago!

So wish anon a happy 1-year anniversary!


Thanks you too


Yw man


What's da hardest Geometry dash level you beat?


I'm... I'm on the bridge of tears right now.

@Cash is leaving and it's my fault

You're probably gonna say it's not my fault, but when you look at it closely it is.

If I had never thrown hate at @KayKay a couple months ago, she wouldn't have made @Cash. She wouldn't have to start over again.

It all is my fault. No matter what angle you looks at it it's true.

Why would I say such a ■■■■■■ thing.


What's the hardest level you beat?
Have you beat blast processing?
Both question in Geomatry Dash
Pls answer
Lel I sound like a 5 year old


Blast Processing is very easy, at least in my opinion.


@Zachyswag I found an infinite orb glitch in GD World. And it's way easier to do than the ad thing. (It still involves ads though)


Guess what I did?! I got blue stacks on my computer and used he hacked version of GD world to play finger dash and use all of the 2.1 features!!!!


How do you do the glitch?


Go to the game maker topic by Rawrbear, I said how to do it there. Also, I have no idea if this works on android.


I don't hav android, I have an iPhone.

I would NEVER switch to android.

I used an android emulator on my computer to do the early 2.1 hack.


Oh ok. Try the glitch for iOS. Either it's just my iPad for some reason or it works on all I devices


Hey @Zachyswag! You saw the announcement for WWDC17 yet? What d'ya think of it?


Hello @Zachyswag and welcome back!