My official General topic! (Zachyswag)


Hello there.


OMG WHAT.....................

OMG I JUST ASKED MY MOM IF I COULD GO TO NEW YORK TO SEE THT FOR MY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR AND SHE SAID THAT WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!! Sure, she was kinda half asleep when she said it, but there's hope! Wow... just wow... I've always wanted to go there, and it might actually happen!! My birthdays not until august next year, but still!!!!!


I actually can't believe this might happen


If this happens I'm gonna die of happiness!!


What should I do? Should I ask her tomorrow? Now? She was half asleep when I first asked her, so she might not even know what I said, but there is a small, very small chance I will go though!


Ok, so my mom got back with me.



I have GD just the lite tho...


Gude luck!

I can't really fly all the way to America to visit THT


@Rodrigo why did you close my topic? There was no flame war going on, and I didn't think anything was wrong with it.

You don't have to open it. Whatever you say will be fine with me! I just kinda spent a lot of time making that topic.


It's useful information, but it's there's no further discussion. So no need to have a topic with comments. :slight_smile:

Congrats to zachyswag for being awesome

Oh, I didn't think about that! Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:


I don't get the reason why it was closed

Can u explain it to me please


It's fine. People can still look at the topic.


Before I try it, to stay out of trouble, did you try it? Or anyone else. Are there any other risks?


Happy anniversary, I think!


Nope, that's at 12:00 a.m.

Oh wait... I forgot you're not in America. Lol. :gb:


It's still 7:47 pm here


Hey, with time zones, you have a longer anniversary! Like Santa!


Ah :stuck_out_tongue:

Yey talk about first!


Actually, NZ would be first. Or Russia. I have no idea.