My official General topic! (Zachyswag)


Hey @Dude73! Is your birthday tomorrow?


Yeah, it is! :D


Good night everyone! I have school tomorrow and I gotta go! Bye! :sleeping:


Hey guys! I have a half day at school today, which means I get out at 12:00 p.m., Which also means I'll get back online quicker! :D


Hey guys. I have a very unfinished project that I thought was a very good idea. It's called Splatoon.

And yes... it is a copy of the Wii U game Splatoon.

Here's a link so you guys can tell me if I should finish!

  • Finish it!!
  • Don't finish it... it's a bad idea...
  • Don't finish it... it's too late...
  • Don't finish it... it's a good idea, not good enough though...


Votes are public.




Wow, it's awesome :D
I really like the way the paint "splashes"!


Thanks! I made it back when hopscotch wasn't available for iPhone.


The way the emoji gun looks now actually suits this project better than the old one :D


I didn't even make this change myself, but in iOS 10, it changed the guns, to water guns! That makes it more like the actual game!


Hey! I just replied that!


Every Splatoon fan know that it is "ink", not "paint".

I love the actual game!


Cool game! Can't wait to see this finished!


Shoutout to @EnchantedHopscotcher for nominating my project for featured! There are 3 other people who second nominated it, and, if I'm lucky, it will get on featured! I actually almost having tears of joy right now! I have worked so hard to get on featured and it might actually happen because of enchantedhopscotcher!

Thank you enchant!


Shoutout to ChainLinkStudios (S)he is not actually on the forum for liking all of my projects!


Your welcome :DD

No problem! :DD


Hey guys! I have to go to sleep now! It's 10:51 PM here and I have school tomorrow.



Hey guys! Shoutout to EVERYONE who second nominated my project! I've never even gotten 1 second, so this is mind blowing knowing that I got TWELVE SECONDS! If THT does not feature me, I will probably cry. Well, I have to go to school now! I'm gonna tag everyone who nominated me!


Thank you all of you!

I guess I gotta wait and see till I get outta school! PLEEEEEEASE THT!!


Your welcome


I just got on!!!! Does anyone know if I'm on featured?!?! I can't check because I don't have access to hopscotch right now!!!!!

Please be on... please be on...


Can someone check featured for me pls?