My official General topic! (Zachyswag)

Hey @Dude73! Is your birthday tomorrow?

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Yeah, it is! :D

Good night everyone! I have school tomorrow and I gotta go! Bye! :sleeping:

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Hey guys! I have a half day at school today, which means I get out at 12:00 p.m., Which also means I'll get back online quicker! :D

Hey guys. I have a very unfinished project that I thought was a very good idea. It's called Splatoon.

And yes... it is a copy of the Wii U game Splatoon.

Here's a link so you guys can tell me if I should finish!

  • Finish it!!
  • Don't finish it... it's a bad idea...
  • Don't finish it... it's too late...
  • Don't finish it... it's a good idea, not good enough though...


Votes are public.




Wow, it's awesome :D
I really like the way the paint "splashes"!

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Thanks! I made it back when hopscotch wasn't available for iPhone.

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The way the emoji gun looks now actually suits this project better than the old one :D

I didn't even make this change myself, but in iOS 10, it changed the guns, to water guns! That makes it more like the actual game!

Hey! I just replied that!

Every Splatoon fan know that it is "ink", not "paint".

I love the actual game!

Cool game! Can't wait to see this finished!

Shoutout to @EnchantedHopscotcher for nominating my project for featured! There are 3 other people who second nominated it, and, if I'm lucky, it will get on featured! I actually almost having tears of joy right now! I have worked so hard to get on featured and it might actually happen because of enchantedhopscotcher!

Thank you enchant!

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Shoutout to ChainLinkStudios (S)he is not actually on the forum for liking all of my projects!

Your welcome :DD

No problem! :DD

Hey guys! I have to go to sleep now! It's 10:51 PM here and I have school tomorrow.


Hey guys! Shoutout to EVERYONE who second nominated my project! I've never even gotten 1 second, so this is mind blowing knowing that I got TWELVE SECONDS! If THT does not feature me, I will probably cry. Well, I have to go to school now! I'm gonna tag everyone who nominated me!


Thank you all of you!

I guess I gotta wait and see till I get outta school! PLEEEEEEASE THT!!


Your welcome

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I just got on!!!! Does anyone know if I'm on featured?!?! I can't check because I don't have access to hopscotch right now!!!!!

Please be on... please be on...

Can someone check featured for me pls?