My official General topic! (Zachyswag)


It's a really easy XL, but too late, I beat it! :stuck_out_tongue:

352 attempts! GG! :D


Is this Geometry Dash? I had no idea it had all of these modes. I wanna check it ou.t


It's really fun game! You can get it on steam (for the computer) or the AppStore (for mobile). The full version is $1.99 on the AppStore, so I suggest getting "geometry dash meltdown" first. It's basically a free version of geometry dash.

Note: level 1 may seem really hard when you first play, but noobs will one day become pros. (At least I did)


I want to answer :stuck_out_tongue:

It's my favorite game of all time! :D
Yeah! Type "Lenny" in the vault to get it!
Probably the extreme demon Back on Track. :stuck_out_tongue: (It's actually either Death Moon by Caustic (which people think is hard?!) or Jolt by Shocksidian!)
Michigun! ^^^ <<For Michigun XD
It's still in my editor, but it's a collab between me and my friend! I'll publish it later if you want :slight_smile:
5%. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have a like :heart:


Heeeeeeeeey have all my likes @Zachyswag I've got nothing better to do!


Your welcome for the likes. You are an amazing coder you deserve them. Can you please continue with your Wipeout game?


Wipeout game? I don't ever remember making that... can you give me a link so I know the specific game?


Woah! @Jess888 that's a lot of likes! I'm not complaining, that just filled my notifications up all the way! Thanks!


Hey guys, I'm gonna be inactive for the rest of the day because I have another cross country race. 1.85 miles! Wish me luck!


lol it's ok u deserved them! :D-l----(


I never realized you could do that!!!


lol I was bored so I just created him I use this one a lot when I'm tired I always create mine by my self lol


Once again, gotta go guys!


Hey guys! I just got back! Guess what? I beat my last time by 7 minutes!!! I ran 1.85 miles in 14 minutes!! Our school won 1st place for the boys! I actually have to go to this family meet up thing, so I'm gonna be offline again for about an hour. But I'm still in the car, so I can talk!


Anybody! I'm gonna bring this back into latest section.


X by TriAxis done! 600 and something attempts, GG! :D


A lot of people say that level is a very easy demon, so I don't waste my time on it. I'm trying to beat retro circles, a medium demon.


I should try to beat that demon, friends have recommended it to me!

X is easy at first, but it gets a bit harder towards the end! Still easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm just not going to beat The Lightning Road or The Nightmare. Those aren't legit. :smile:


Those should be insane. Maybe even harder!