My official General topic! (Zachyswag)


So I'm making this general topic to talk about everything that's going on with me! New projects, if I'm going offline, stuff like that!


The first thing I'm gonna say is that I'm going offline because I have a cross country race! Wish me luck! :runner: :checkered_flag:


First like and reply!


Good luck @zachyswag!


It seems like these uniforms for cross country are really small. Especially the pants!


Well my phones at 2% and I gotta save battery. So wish me luck! (Even though you already did)


I edited the title so people will know


When does ur school start?
What state r u from?
Light blue or dark blue?
Pink or purple?
Cake or cookies?
Hopscotch app or forum?
Dog or cat?
Unicorn or horse?
Have u been to Fenway park before?
Do u like the Red Sox?
Do u want to be leader?
Have u ever been to sleep away camp?
What is the highest number of likes you have gotten on a HS project?
What is the highest number of likes that one of ur replies/ topics have gotten ( on the forum)?
Do u like to spam like?
What's ur favorite emoji?
Do u like :sunglasses:?
What is ur favorite character in star wars?
Do u like ice cream?
Do u like cupcakes?
Do u like baking or cooking?
Do u have any pets?
Who is ur favorite hopscotch?
How many features?
Do u play any sports?
If so, which sports?
Are you in any school clubs?
What's ur favorite song?
Do u play any musical instruments?
If so, what do u play?
What is ur favorite book?
What is ur favorite movie?
What is ur favorite tv show?
Are you still answering these questions?
What's ur favorite food?
Do u like seafood?
Do u like veggies?
Do u like dessert?
How much do u get tagged?
How many drafts do u have?
What's ur favorite thing to code?
Rate ur coding skills 1-10
Who are ur HS friends?
What's ur shoe size?
What grade r u in?
Do u like sleeping?
Do u like Nike or adidas better?
What's ur favorite sport?
What's ur favorite sport to watch?
How did u find out about HS
Do any of ur friends from school play?
Do u know any forumer a IRL?
Is this list long?
What's ur favorite quote?
What's ur favorite breed of dog?
What's ur favorite type of ice cream?
What's ur favorite project that u made?
Do u like drawing?
Have u made a project related to the Olympics?
Do u play Xbox?
Do u play mine craft?
Are u on an iPad, phone or computer rn?
How many siblings do u have?
What job do u want when u r older?
Have u ever smashed ur face into a birthday cake?
Do u love candy?
Do u like Ben and jerrys?
Are u in middle school?
Do U speak any other languages?
If so, which languages?
Are you glad the questions are done?


Maybe tomorrow when I have time, but, I have to go! School tomorrow and I gotta sleep!


Hai Swaggy!

No it's not cringey.


Meh, just call me Zachy!


But you're sweg so NaH


Ok, whatever. I'm bored so I'm going offline to play with my nephew and my 3ds! (GAMER DUDE!!)


Have fun!


Thanks for all the likes @Puppylulu!


Sees that you love geometry dash :0 Me 2 I got a bajillion questions to ask

Do you like geometry dash?
Do you have the Lenny icon?
What's the hardest level you've beaten?
Who is the best player in the world (10 points)?
What's the coolest level you've made?
Progress on bloodbath?





Hai :3


1v1 me in GD

First to beat Death Moon wins! :smiley:


Yeah... i haven't beaten that level... or tried it... or heard of it. Is it easy or hard demon?