My official collab topic!



So for this to be a collab, I need three more members! So tell me if you want to join then I will add you to this list...

1. @Gobli09
2. @WynterDiamond

1. @laser_eyed_puppy

Once we get all three members, I will give the user+password!


Can I join? Sorry I didn't reply on the other topic.


Yep! silently puts you on the list


I realize that I am already part of a different collab (the same one that you wanted to join recently, I think) so I will not be able to give you my full attention but I would be happy to join... Your choice, though, I would not be hurt if you decided that you wanted more dedicated members. :slight_smile:


I will put u on d list


We have one more spot!!


K, let's start to brainstorm name ideas!


I don't see how 'Gobli' works. I could tell you, it means "cute' in Bengali.


Thank you for adding me to the collab. I like the idea of LaserCoders or PuppyCoders, or Cool Puppy Studios for a name, but those are just suggestions.


What about CuteDiamond Puppies?
What do u think?


Sure, that's good. :+1:


That's good with me :wink: