My (not so great) story


So this is my story, but it's not all happy n stuff

So I started out in September, and among the first projects I made was Button Clicker. You'd think it got a good amount of likes, and you were right, if a few likes is "good". Around that time was a mirror draw, so I made a few drawings there. I also discovered Kaleidocosmos, which was sweet! Also I did a maze and beat it.

So back to Button Clicker. I started adding new stuff to make it pretty good quality, and fortunately I hadn't noticed the number of likes. I also came to know Rawrbear better (I knew him in 6th grade). So then we did our own things. I started doing lotteries and 'Find the Emoji".

So sometime later, I joined the forum. I was pretty happy n stuff. I shared my new project, Run from the Beast.

Then Rawrbear got on Featured, which kinda rocked my boat considering I hadn't gotten onto Featured.

So eventually I started thinking of cool ideas for projects, but as you can guess, none of them were really that good, like The Impossible Quiz and Gravitron. I was still remixing stuff and drawing and stuff.

Then later, my friend danyatie (at the time, danyangjr) found Follow 4 Likes (aka Anonymous) and I became inspired to make Illuminati projects.

My first one got onto Rising. It was "Funky 63 is Illuminati" (btw Funky 63 liked that project). But Rising wasn't enough. I went and tried reaching for Featured.

So eventually Rawrbear got his first real Feature (Lightrail), which inspired me to make an improved version, which became the Featured project Morpher!

So then the likes flooded in and I was pretty happy. But soon I started running out of ideas as Rawrbear got more Features and as others made Featured projects. I tried making a cool game called Confinement but I never finished it. I tried making/nominating my improved Impossible Quiz but it didn't make it on Featured or Rising. I was feeling hopeless at that time.

Then eventually I got an idea for Bounce, which kinda gave me hope. Also I made some simple but cool projects about the new version of HS (like Mountain Draw/Bitcrush Draw).

That leads us to today.


Cool story! That perseverance though :0 :clap:


This is a cool story!:grinning:


Wot? You're older than that?

This is a awesome story


I'm entering 8th but I'm supposed to be entering 7th




I though you were younger lol


(Same with age though)
STAY DETERMINED! I think I follow you already, and I really wanna see how this project turns out