My next project that will make you smile :)


I am making a difference on hopscotch.
At my school we have pupil of the week and everybody always smiles when somebody gets this award.
So my latest project is about this.
I search in newest at about 3.00pm - 8.00pm
This is is New Zealand time.
I will pick some cool projects and their hopscotcher will get a hopscotcher of the week.
My ideas are just beginning.
Come onto my profile at kiwianabows2015 and check me out for all the latest on this.


Cool!!! I'm sure that will totally make someone's day


Love it! Always be on the lookout for good projects @Bubblyoreo.


Thanks my winner for this week is on my profile.


You two are so nice my winner was darting firefly!


@Bubblyoreo that's a really good idea! Mind if I do something like that? I will give you credit for the idea if I need to!


I can't wait!!!!! :smiley:


Of course you can use it,


Aww. Thanks for the nice feedback @Puppy