My newest project!



I've been working on this today! It's based off this!

Here's my project:

And here's a link!

My profile is "Tapioca", if you want to see it there!

Anyone have any critscm? The banana may be improved, once @PopTart0219 shows me how!

If you have a request, I may do it! Request, and give feedback! Thanks!


Great work! It looks amazing! :D
btw I love your username!


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Wow, great job! :D

The monkey looks amazing, and so does the banana! :D


Great work! I love it! I think the banana looks fine, you did a great job on it!


It's amazing! :D



I would open it but John Cena is too busy trolling me. :slight_smile:


That looks so cool! Great work! You are really good at text art!


Welcome to the forums! Also, I love how you put your style into it, so it's not like totally copying! It looks great


Wow! I just followed you today, and then you come on the forum! I love your projects!


I love it! It looks so cute!