My newest game! (Turkey Avenger)



Okay, so I created a new game a few days ago. It’s a reverse- hunter game where you are a turkey hunting hunters. I find the game really fun to play and kind of addictive. But, there is always room for improvement, so does anyone have any ideas?



Great game! My only suggestion is that you adjust the control scheme.


What do you mean?


I found the g.un hard to aim. And it seemed as if the shoot button doesn’t work.


The gu.n is supposed to be difficult to aim, but I never had a problem with the shoot button. Are you aiming close enough?


He means that it is the fact that text tapping is precise. For example, pressing inside the letter “o” would not trigger the tap rule

Maybe adjust the sensitivity if it moves too fast? idk I wan’t able to try it because I was on PC and there is no tilt


The tilt mechanics are awesome! I would just add a loading spinner while the game is loading in the beginning. Maybe you could it below the title text? And, by the way, if you need a loading spinner, you could check here:


Might as well pop some simple loading designs as well

or use a % indicator based on where the draw object is (although it takes under 10 seconds so I would not worry about that)


Yeah, using a When “text” is Tapped rule is always inconsistent and difficult for the user (as you have to focus on where you’re tapping instead of whatever else is going on)

In this case there’s nothing else on the screen during that part of the game that can be tapped other than the shoot button, so a better implementation could be:

When (iPad) is Tapped
If Start = {whatever value is appropriate} Then

Start is the variable that controls the game state

No math required. Although a circular or rectangular zone around the Shoot button could be created if need be. But it’s not necessary since there’s only one thing that can be tapped.


Good idea. I should have thought of that. I’ll add that in the next update.


Thank you! I actually based it off of my other game, ‘Omega Squadron’.


Thank you for making the version two of this game featured!