My New Website!


I have recently created a website! If you have any suggestions for shoutouts for it, or if you find the code(s), then tell me here! Feedback is appreciated and accepted!
Here's the link:


I like the website, but there's just one problem. In the code, it said that we won't find the password for the login. If nobody enters, what's the point.

Another question: When is the new coding partner challenge coming out?


That's just a joke! You can most likely find it!
I'm gonna post it right now.


Thanks! I love the coding partner challenge. It's the best!


Lol I was the first liker :sunglasses:


This is so cool! Will it be scrolling when you log in?


It looks cool!!!!!!! I totally forgot about the coding partner thing i was nearly finished with the first challenge but I was sooooo busy! Oh well :slightly_smiling:


It's great! I can't believe more people are doing locked websites! :smile: Will you tell us the code?


Maybe! I want to reward the person who finds it first!


I can't find it I looked in the code and I don't know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it 350 by any chance?


Nope! Good guess though! :smile:


Is there an enter button?


This is work in proggres so you can't go in yet!


You can go in! I just thought an enter button would make it unnecessarily complicated. It is a work in progress, however.


As you know I found it!

I demand satisfaction

Gimme prizes


I'm trying to think of them! Any suggestions?


We have a winner! I'll tell you one of the passwords now, but you can't remix it with the code. Deal?


Found both codes! :smile:


Could you explain that better? I don't understand.