My new update on

In this new update there is a split pad that took me over a month. I just published it and I hope it gets a lot of likes. Here is a pic, the link, and a thing to vote. Here’s the link My agario game


  • It’s a fun game.
  • It’s the worst game ever.
  • It’s too laggy.
  • It should be on featured.

:0 Woah That's great!
first lol


Thx it means a lot to me.


Well first you don't move because everything moves but you. It's so laggy because there is so much in just one game. Also if you look at some games you don't move and everything else moves.


Oh ok, sorry if I hurt your feelings.


No you didn't. You did not know


Can more People vote so I can have a more accurate choice.


Kewl! :D
Maybe it'll get on Game Changer...

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I would like to get this game on featured.

I need more voters plz.

Hi @Skyarmygenral
Good game! I could help you make it less laggy and play smoother if you're interested.

But rather than remix with changes, I'd explain the ideas so you could update the game yourself. Interested?

Yes I would love it if you could.

Ok. I have to go to work right now, but I'll try to explain my thoughts this evening.

Though I do have an initial question. Is the movement only supposed to be left/right and up/down? Or would it be ok/preferred if you could move in any direction?

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Super cool. Should be featured!

Hi @Skyarmygenral
Here's a quick example of how to make the movement smooth:

I'll explain in more detail later, but as a summary it works like this:

  • The joystick continually sets a "direction" variable (theta)
  • The dots continually reposition themselves in the opposite direction.

I used clones of the dots (food) for simplicity. We can discuss the clones later, but you should be able to use clones as well. Only tricky bit is the bump detection, but it's not too hard (not incorporated in my example).

great I will try it in my code. If it works I will problebly use it and give credit. Thx.



Wow, I can see all the work you put into it

Great project @Skyarmygenral! {and I mean it}

Thx it took me a long time.