My new text art!



Hi everyone! I just published my new treble clef text art! Any comments, constructive criticism or suggestions?
Here it is!

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Do you like it?

  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • Pretty good.
  • It's ok, needs a lot of work
  • I hate it, troll option



I like this @codingCupcake123


That is awesome! :D :D


That's really nice! It takes a while to load tho..


Thanks! It was one of my first really original ideas! I worked really hard on it! It is so cool to get a compliment from you because you're like the text art master!



Constructive criticism:

Try adding a music sheet background! Add some dots at the end of the treble clef lines! Use a set speed block on the treble clef!


I did you a set speed block, but it didn't seem to work. Good idea about the background! What do you mean by dots? I am going to add a sharp sign. (notation on sheet music)


Nice job on the treble clef :thumbsup:




That's really good! You might want to add a poll to this post too!


Good idea! I did!


I LOVE THIS OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! This is so great and amazing!
insert wow meme here:


It still works? I unpublished it because it was slow. Here's the new one. Yeah it's exactly the same. It already has one more like that before! Which means I have one like on this one :joy:


I love it! It's amazing!


Wow that's so cool! I'm learning about treble clef's in music right now :D


Thanks everyone for the feedback! I got my all-time high of 10 likes in a couple hours! That's not a lot for you famousies,(Yes, I just made that word up :joy:) but it's an achievement for me!


i can't figure out how to speed it up. I keep adding set speed blocks, but they aren't working. Any ideas?


Okay I haven't got a chance to look at it. I bet it's awesome! Be back...


Great job on the treble clef! It looks awesome! You pulled it off! :D


Thanks! I didn't think I could do it so fast!