My new RP! So excited


Does anyone want to join my RP? I will give you the link:)


Sounds cool! Sadly I can't join, because I'm not very good at RPs nor a huge fan of them. I hope it goes well, though! Can you post the link so I can check it out?

P.S If you don't like RPs please think before you post in this topic. We all have opinions, but make sure to state them respectfully. Thanks! :)


I agree with @Intellection74! I'm not a huge fan of RP's but I hope yours go well! What is this RP about?


I don't really like RPs, though, so... :0


Never mind then I will just forget this. Sorry to bother!


Your not bothering!

Some people like them and some people don't :D
You don't have to forget/end it if you don't want! I'm sure there's plenty of people, especially on hopscotch, that would love to join your rp! Good luck!


I like to roleplay!
Whats it about?


Welcome to the forum! I'll get a notification if you say "@ThePickle" in a reply. It should look like @ThePickle.


It's okay! Just sometimes, they're inappropriate. :0


Lol I wonder if I started that welcome message thing. XD

I never saw it worded like that before I starting wording my welcomes like that. XD

Cool! I don't really do rps, but I hope it goes well! What's it about? :D


I've been WAAAAAAAAY too busy to join a RP sowwy (・ω・) And I don't really leike RPs, TBH.
Off-topik: I think dat dis should be your profile pic!(^∇^)


Your welcomes look like that? xD


Yay thanks! I'll use that