My new projects!



Hi all, I hadn't published anything new in a while so I decided to finish up some of my drafts and share them :slight_smile:

I have a new game called :x: AVOID :x:

An art project called Block Rainbow :rainbow:

And a couple more smaller projects on my profile :slight_smile:

More coming soon!


Wow cool projects!

:x:Avoid:x: is really fun!


I liked them all as the came up in my following tab. They're really awesome! :DD


Awesome! I will go follow you! And check your projects out!


Wow! Avoid is so fun to play! And especially addicting when you have homework to do! :joy:
Rainbow is really creative and colourful, it's almost hypnotic!


One more from my drafts, my first pixel art!


That's amazing @Montoya it rlly is better than mine xDDD


Wow that's awesome! Are you sure that's your first pixel art!! :joy:


You like my pixel arts they are not very big...


I like all projects! They are really cool!


OMG @BaconStudios @Dylan329 you guys got a featured!!!!


No way noooo way omg


Yeh we did. Pretty happy. Good job.


That's amazing xD it's so cool xD


Glad to bring to news:)