■ My new project! ■


I just made a 4th Of July project, and would like some feedback!
The link:
Just so you know, it's bad. I made it in 10 minutes. XD

I could do much better.


Great job! I could not have made it better!!!!


Also, I added blocked words because the title was already used.


Try copying the blocks instead of typing swear words.


Also, my browser shows the swear words.

EDIT: Ya got it!



Boy, you put "singed" (not a word), not "signed"!


:0 I never knew that

I think I have a problem with changing my profile to Thomas the train ;-;


I was just going to say, "You know your profile picture is Thomas the Train, right?"


Why yes, yes it is :smirk:


Was this made by the girl or the boy or both? @tankt2016


Boy. @Maltese


Its great!! I love the fireworks!




Did you quote that? XD


I'll quote it now! :3


Oh. XD

K then... o-0


That was such an interesting fact! So unexpected!


It looks really great! Maybe center everything, and other than that it looks awesome!


Where did you get the information from?

I'm pretty sure the Declaration of Independence was not signed on August 2nd. It was signed on July fourth. People think it was realesed in July 4th, but it was actually signed on July 4th. c:

My sister went to Washington D. C. and she said her tour guide said that the Daclaration of independence was signed on July 4th.

I don't think all of that information is true. XD


Here is a like! :heart:


I don't think that's what it meant. XD
Idk if you were joking.