My new project : Number Search v.0.1



Hey @everyone ! Can you please try to play my latest game? It is called Number Search v.0.1 on the profile ImaginationPOPšŸ¤” and rate it below? Thanks !

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MY GAME? please be honest.. So I can improve.

  • Awesome! I want to see game 2
  • nice! A little bit improvement
  • I like it , but not that much
  • boring
  • Too easy
  • horrible



I think it's great. I think it's as good as a lot of stuff I have seen on "featured". Creative, friendly, colorful. Even has music. What's not to like? :slightly_smiling:


What I love is how the initial challenge seems simple, but then you are presented with a much harder challenge then you thought! I love it! Great layout and design!


It's awesome, great job!! Keep the good work up!


@Liza and the rest of the hopscotch team, can you please check my project Number Search v.0.1 ?


Here's the link too