My new project! Number Search v.0.1



Hi Hopscotchers! I just published a new project, called Number Search v.0.1 . It is just the first level, and if I receive more likes/remixes, there is a bigger chance of me making level 2. Once again, it's call Number Search v.0.1, by ImaginationPOPšŸ¤”. Hope you check it out!


I played it, and it is a great game! Keep up the good work!


Thanks! @bluedogmc-official


Can you give the link to it, I will check it out! Sounds cool!- Crazy_cake


Sure! @smishsmash . Here


I think its a really good game, its very addicting! Try making a loading screen so players can better see what the object of the game is but very fun, good job, Crazy__cake