My new pfp + poll

Thank you to @Explorer_ for the drawing!
1 is the worst(see what I did? :3) 5 is best.

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  • 5


Votes are public.

Thank you all, be honest, and have a Merry Christmas (I'm watching Albert right now cause we were watching fh)


What am I voting for?

If you like my pfp!

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Oh, okay!

I see it's down to 2. Why do you guys hate me?

And I also decide to close it :frowning:

I reopened. Today I learned a very important lesson! Always think postitive when you can't!

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So it's basicly how bad/good is my drawing

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I rated 5!

@Strongerthanyou you shouldn't have made this poll, because it's about @Explorer_ not about you

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I think it's good.