My new pfp! (Kcaj3120)


I changed my pfp! Vote on it pls

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@EmojiArts @Tylerdabeast why are you so mean :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


First of all, you didn't say whether 1 was the best or 5 was the best

Second, why ask for our opinions if ur just gonna get mad

It's nothing special. Just a face


I am also @strongerthanyou so you know that I made the Ella topic. @liza @rodrigo @thomas can you suspend HIM


Why suspend me? What did I do? You never clarified whether 1 was the best or 5 was the best

And don't assume my gender


■■■■■■■■■■■■■ to me you w-e-r-e mean to me


Actually if I remember correctly, you were being mean to me

And you wanna here what I was going through? How would you feel if 5 people were saying how mean and awful your family is? You would get mad right? Well at first I tried to stay calm but eventually I cracked and got mad. So you were one of the main people who made me crack

Are you friends with Ella?


I'm sorry... I didn't mean anything... let's start over, ok? :slight_smile:


Watch it, don't accuse him over that please.


Why did you only rate a 2?


I see that this might turn into a flame war. Try to say your opinions in a nice way!


I love ur new profile pic!!
It is so amazimg!




I really like ur new starbucks one! This is just my opinion!
Sometimes i could get ur pfp confused with mine!
Im not forcing u to do anythin!


@Kcaj3120 Calm Down, you didn't say whether 1 or 5 was the best. Tyler didn't know.

We don't want another flame war.


Do you know that I'm @strongerthanyou and I created one? Also I didn't try to make one this was back before we started over


Please be more considered when tagging me for "forum problems". I don't know what you're talking about, I have no context of why I'm tagged here. Can you be more explicit? :slight_smile:


This was made before me and @Tylerdabeast started over. I'm sorry for tagging you.