My new HSF account


Hi lol!


Okay, hello @Work_kids_coding 's new account!


@Mr.rex @Paige1212 @HorseLover347 @Petrichor maybe this new part of the topic will explain more.



I made a new account to have the same name as in Hopscotch. Never lost regular in my old one until I got it here, by the way.


You are a fast responder @Petrichor!


Well you can’t you have to earn them back :((


Well t1 is no longer mod. And you can have a company.


@Mr.rex I know, but the company sort of didn’t work out


@Mr.rex Who else is a mod? I only know Liza and T1 were mods…


Well all of THT are mods but they don’t have a lot of time I think


@Mr.rex I don’t know everyone in the THT…


Idc how many times I have to tell you! You’re still a kid…


Hello again :slight_smile:

I made this for new users, but I thought that you may enjoy reading it anyway XD


It's a delight to have new forumers come! To get started, browse through some of the topics that have already been created to see what the forum is all about.

Things to remember about topics

Since you've made this topic, you know how to create a topic -- that's good news! Creating topics gives you the power to ask questions about coding! You can also make clubs and collaborations, and get feedback or help with your projects. There *are* guidelines for making topics, though -- here are the main ones, to set you in the right direction.
  • Always make topics relating to
    *or hopscotch
  • If you like to get input on your projects, consider making a topic specifically for that, versus making a new topic each time that you want to get suggestions
  • SBYP, or search before you post. Sometimes when you have a question, it has already been answered! Try searching through topics by clicking the :mag: icon up at the top of the page.

How to be a helpful Hopscotcher

When you are on other people's topics -- whether you are helping them out or simply chatting with others (or even learning from others), remember to always be cordial and kind. Even if someone disagrees with you, be respectful of their opinion, and discuss civilly, not irrationally or heatedly. Also, remember to keep your discussion on-topic -- if you're in a coding collaboration, remember to only discuss that coding collaboration, not anything else. Same goes for any other topic.

Places to go when you don't have any ideas for what to code

Sometimes, no matter how great a coder you are, you just don't have any ideas of *what* to make! In that case, check out these links.

The Idea List of Your Plausible Doom: Out Now!
Rawrbear’s list is an impressively long source of inspiration!

100+ Things to Code
My list is one that anyone can add to – it’s constantly changing.
This is Work_kids_coding’s topic of creativity – it has a lot of fun things other than coding ideas!

Forum abbreviations

  • OMTL: Official Mass Tag List
  • THT: The Hopscotch Team
  • WIP: Work In Progress
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • RN: Right Now
  • IRL: In Real Life

I will remember to tag you on this account now :slight_smile:


Okay, @WynterDiamond Thanks! I should work on my bio some more


Maybe remove that part…


@TheRealBlah Well, the account is private. No one will find it


Oh okay.


Would this be considered your general topic, Yusa?


@Fluffymarshmellow No, actually not…

Search Yusamac’s GT


Yeah. I found it.