My new hopscotch username and club 12 spots left


Hi guys I'm doing a new username called angiedrawings101 so watch out for that and I will post a club on there to so you will be automatically entered if you post on her I'm in only 12 spots so better get in well you can!

People in my club
@Stick88 coder
@Goobrgrlrye drawer


I don't want to join, sorry, I'm a bit busy!
But I thought you quit?


You guys supported me so I'm starting over like spring cleaning I guess


I would join but points at icon


Guys actually my user name is just Angidrawings and your in thanks


Sorry I actually can't join...


Why can't you join my club




Can I join? I really like drawing, and I am pretty good at it. Can I?


(Don't enter me)
What's this about?