My New Guest Account! + Offical Rules!



Hi! I have made a guest account for everyone to use.

Username: Birdiee:hatching_chick:
Password: BirdieeLove
Now, here are the OFFICAL rules of the account.
1. You can make little poop (:hankey:) jokes, but bad projects with cussing or anything that violates the Hopscotch rules will be unpublished. If it is a draft, I will delete it.
2. Do not save your drafts. This is to avoid any innapropriate drafts.
3. Try to make cool projects. Also, don't join chatrooms. You can make projects saying who used the profile.
I will be checking to see if there is any innapropriate drafts or projects.
Have fun! I can't wait to see what you make!


This is great, I will defiantly go on it @HappyDolphin!


can anybody


use this hopscotch account?


I will!!!!
Revive revive!


BTW :hatching_chick: is the emoji next to Birdiee




you guys should join this

Birdiee :hatching_chick: (no space)

you guys should moderate it too :smiley: