My new general topic 2.0! now taking character requests!



hi! this is where i post trailers, Q and A, and random junk.


K heres a little sneak peek of my new "circles" game


That is looking awesome!


any Q and A, or suggestions to improve?


How do you come up with ideas for games?

Are you subscribed?


@bluedogmc asks:how do you come up with ideas?i just think of something, and i make it.
question 2:are you subscribed?yes
gtg, gonna catch some pokemon


back from pokemon hunting!
clefable is so cute


i can now make a circle character for you! just ask what you want to look like!



Hey @hopscotch_king. So aperently you want geometry dash 2.1 for Christmas.

All of us GD players want that.

Soooooo... here are these questions:
How many demons have you beat?
What's the hardest level you have beat?
What's your high score on BB?
What'a your favorite game mode?


the lightning road
spider(tried the challenge in gdw yet?)


oh well at least we got it in 2017


Yep, and now we need GD 2.2