My new game S.I.F, UPDATE: game coming out in a few months!



I'm working on a huge project. Called S.I.F.
I'm not going to explain the whole game, but basically a real character gets stuck in the filter and can't get out.
My game uses real Hopscotchers has charecters. The main characters are @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @Rawrbear @stick88 @seawolfwerehorse.
There are no character spots left.
I want my gave to be realistic, and have refrences to real things that really happen in hopscotch. Comment below if you have ideas.Thank you


I love this idea it's great! here are my ideas!

  1. Make it so other types of projects get stuck in the filter and you get trapped by all of the projects!

That's all for now! From huggingfluffybear


I might use your idea . Thanks.


That is a great idea! Good luck!


No problem! I will edit it later and add more!


So another part of the plot is you have to find the key. Kiwi cute, pop tart, rawrbear, stick88, and seawolfwerehorse, and you are messaging back and forth trying to help each other and find the key.


Question: What does S.I.F mean?


It stands for stuck in the filter.


Oh... Thanks for telling!


Ok everyone! I'm not done yet! But I have been working on S.I.F! Here is what I have so far, sorry I am taking so long to code, this, it will probably be out in a few months!

link here!


How do you think it's coming along?

  • good
  • meh
  • really bad
  • stop its bad



It's not good it's AWESOME!


Thanks! any suggestions?


I think only the trapped by projects stuck in the filter


You should make it so the teams are timed, or the filter will blow up.


I think that it should be (when IPad is tapped) except for (when text it tapped).


People getting jealous (dragon queen #1) and people begging to be in art clubs (pusheen:cat::cat::cat:)


What does this have to do with art clubs?


You said give references to real things that happen in Hopscotch