My new game: Jungle Dash!



Okay, so I made this on an "anonymous" account but I'm exposing my self XD

Soo ye it's my game Jungle Dash which is just an edition of Geometry Dash but jungle-fied? I guess, anywho here's a picture of the starting screen & game:

So, here's the Link!

(P.S. I didn't have anywhere to put the power up so just put it in da corner. If I get some likes then I'll put more power ups! :wink:)




Awesome! I got a low score though :frowning:
Didn't even get the power up.

I like that you said you would add new powerups! That would be cool.






Not trying to be rude but I think you should take a little break from those.


K :joy:
They're such sweg gifs!