My new game! Gravity



Hi! So I made a new game called Gravity, the objective is to dodge the planets and asteroids to get the coin!...
Here are some pics!:

So, yeh!, it took about 3 hours to make, not too long, so yep! That's 'bout it, bbbyyyyyeeeee!
Oh! I almost forgot, here's a link:


It looks fun! Can't wait till you publish it!!!!!:iphone:


Thx!! And I have published it, like, just then!


Amazing game! I did not do very well though. XD


I love the game!! It is very creative, and I think it deserves at the very least a Rising or Trending, if not Featured! I got 17 as my score..... What did you get? If I don't follow you already, I will! Great game!


thanks @DancingPineapples1, my best is 37! (my sisters best is 126 :frowning: )


That. Looks. Awesome! Feature-worthy!
I'm gonna go play it!


Do you mind if I remix with a ufo that chases the player after a while?


Excuse me? 126? Come again? That is insane! I can't say it enough, but great project -again!-


Not at all! (Sorry a little late‚Äč:sweat_smile:) that would be really cool!