My new game! Egg maker! Please check out:D


New game! Egg maker!- please check it out, I worked so hard on it, in one morning! Please vote my poll and comment below! Thanks- Crazy_cake

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Love the game!
Your ideas are getting more and more complex! Great job!


Yay:D I'm happy:D it took me all morning to stopping :slightly_smiling:


Nice game! :smiley: (#space)


You can't make eggs, eggs are ingredients. Unless birds are mating, then, yes, they have baby eggs.


Well, not making eggs isnt what I meant:) I meant more like decorating so "making Easter eggs" but your right:)


I think it could be worthy a feature during Eastertime


Yay! Thank you:) I kinda made my Easter and St.Patricks day ones early lol:) @iReesesCup


I advise changing the color of the words. I could barely see them. But otherwise it is great!


I agree. My iPad was in my face when trying to read, and it bugged out when I made the colors brighter


But other than that its great! :+1:


I think it's really cool! However, the text explaining what to do is telly hard to see.
Could you change the text colour to maybe black or green?


@RobotPro I might, that's a good idea(and to everyone else that also said that)


Now typing is blue, better!?:slightly_smiling:



Just to let you know, the loading and the first instruction are still in white. :wink:


Yep, I didn't change that:( just because it's not the directions (should I have?)


I think people will be able to read it.


In the "Easy to Read" version, I could not drag the powder. This may be because I am on a macbook rather than an iPad, but it is something you should look into nonetheless.


It may be because of your Mac book because it works on my iPad:)