My new game: Dount Tapper!


Soo yea. Anyways it's mai new game, Donut Tapper! Nothing special.. just that I was bored and didn't really post anything new on HS lol. But any feedback (no mean comments no startle plz) soo yea

Here's a screenshot:

I'm going to add to the game of course but rn its basic. (I wanted to do a donut rain, but when i tried it only did the rain once. Is there anyway I can do it forever??) anyways, here's The link!

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Cool I'll go check it out now!


I really like how you can't use the same powerup twice - in a lot of tappers, you can




How did you use the link to the link?


No prob!

I got first like!


Huh?? Can you rephrase that please?


Oh ok my brother messed that up (darn you 2 year old)
What I mean to say was how did you make the link say the work link?



[Name of link. E.g., Link] (the link URL)


If you tap the little link symbol when writing a post, you can add a link that looks like this, for example. Is that what you meant?


I think you should add that donut rain :D


Siblings amirite


Ikr :D but i put a "repeat forever, create a clone." But the donut rain (lol) only goes once. Not forever


Ok. The problem is that you can only have 512 clones in a project. So instead of putting the Repeat forever block where you create the clones, create a limited amount of clones, like 100, and make each clone fall down the screen forever.


Ohh okay

Thanks fren :D


Yes, but they still just disappear, is there anyway to bring the clones back up to the top of the screen? @CreationsOfaNoob


Use the force set position :D


Da force

I used a set position random 0 1024


I think it's a cool game. I like the music in the background.:slight_smile: One thing I think you should add is the value of the power ups. Like if the diamond is worth 50 points per tap before buying it.


Please use the updated OMTL, I deleted myself from it.
Thank you.