My new game? Critique?



Hey guys, I'm making a new game called "Disaster Devastor" It is a game where you save up money to buy storms, then you release them. Releasing the storm will earn you money so you can buy more storms. It's not even close to being done, but I wanted some ideas and problems with my game. (Wow, this is long) Here are some pictures:

The link is here
(Also, please don't add stuff to the game without permission from me. Thanks! :grinning:)


wow seems really cool






I'm addicted now!!!!


Thank you so much! :grinning:




I Love It! Maybe You Can Add More Planets! Or Stars!


That would be cool! Maybe once you destroy earth, then you move on to destroy other planets using that planets storms.`


That's What I Was Thinking! Maybe I Can Help! I'm A Great Coder!


Okay... I added a new storm and stars...

Here is the link


@BlueStarGirl- I followed you on hopscotch, did it show?


Sorry, I kind of want to do this game by my self, sorry if I sound rude... Do you want to a collab together on a different game though? (Again, sorry​:pensive:)

I Made The Moon

Moon @EP125! Moon!


@BlueStarGirl Thanks for helping me, but I want to do this by myself. Sorry.


Change out the emojis! Not emojis!!!! Use text art or trail art. I find that emojis look unprofessional. Also, use "set position" blocks so all the text lines up in a column. Maybe you could put a column there.


Maybe you could make the storms have automatic money instead of just giving you money :D



I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!


I like really like the emojis