My New Game: Create a Character!



I have exciting news! I'm working on a new game, where you can create your own character. This game will be a lot like the Mii Creator on the Wii. You will be given a lot of options to customize your character.

I'm hoping to get this done in a few days, but there's a lot of coding to do so it may come out later. -Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:

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This look really cool! Can't wait to play it!!!


Looks really cool! Keep up the good work! What is your Hopscotch username?


It used to be cherry cupcake, but now it is Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:. I just wasn't able to change my forum username so it's kind of confusing.


Oh, so that's what you have been working on!


This is looking awesome!


That looks really cool!


This is looking awesome!:smiley:


@cherrycupcake I love your coding so I can't wait for this!


Awesome! Sounds cool.


Great job! Sounds and looks like loads of fun!


Try listening to this as you code to make you feel more in the mood.


Thanks! I'm going to try to remember to add music :wink: