My new game called fall!



Hey hopscotch community! Fifi the funny flower told me I should come here to tell y'all about my new game that I am so excited for y'all to play!!!! Do you guys know that game where you tilt your phone and the ball drops down through the cracks? well, I made that game on hopscotch because I noticed that NOBODY has made it! so I would love it if y'all played it!!!!!! it's called FALL. tell me anything wrong with the game if can so I can fix it in the future. Thanks Fifi for telling me to come here, and HAVE A GREAT DAY! :slightly_smiling:
p.s. I said y'all a lot x)


Why don't you post a link here? It would be easier for us to see :slightly_smiling:


how do I do that (im new to all of this)


On your project, tap :link:
Then, come back here and double tap. The word paste should come up. Tap that, and BAM!


Also, welcome!!! I have seen you on Hopscotch, I'm glad you are on here! :smile:

#6 here! If you want to "alert" someone you do this @PWALK3430 @SmileyAlyssa @Fifithefunnyflower


oh my gosh! I seem like an old grandpa!!! what do I link?


Wow! Nice game! I haven't seen anything like it! Awesome!


are you guys on your ipads or computer doing this right now?


I'm on my iPad! But I go on my computer too


ill get on my ipad to do it :slightly_smiling:


OOPS! double played my game... spacing is wrong :confused:


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click me!


Ummm and other cool stuff I can't remember if you want to see how I did this press reply and then press the speech bubble in the corner

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Oh! And you can change your profile pic by going to your profile in the top right hand corner


thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much


No Problem! Or is it np! It's definetly np


Great game, @PWALK3430! I would recommend making the "platforms" further apart, so you don't get stuck! :wink:


Awesome game!!! @PWALK3430


Yall gave me good feed back so I'm going to publish FALL later this week