My New Game! Any suggestions to edit or improve it?



Also congrats @CoderOfMagic for getting featured (Comic Creator)


Thanks so much! I couldn’t have done it without you!


You worked hard on the game, you deserved it!


Thanks for all the compliments!


Your welcome CoM =)
Again, you deserve it


May you have many features in the future too;)


I’m here whenever you need help, @MewtwoCreator! By the way, great projects :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. I need suggestions to improve my Turkey Tapper game


Here’s my general topic where may post a few of my projects:


That was a fun game, but I don’t know if it’s featured worthy yet. Then again, none of my projects are featured worthy and look where I got :upside_down_face:.

My suggests, add more levels, create a turkey instead of just using a emoji. Emojis look bleh.


I’m not good with shape or trail art
If you wanna look at my trail art look at this:

It’s of one of my ocs


I updated t to Version 2! Now it’s a bit more challenging and has extra decoration. @Cocoa_Viola , sorry but I did not use your idea. I think it made a bit more sense to save the turkey from being eaten than being sent to turkey. @Yusamac205 idk how to make a new level, and sorry I still used the emojis, I wish I was better at shape or trail art. Anyways here’s version 2:

Please nominate it for featured, it would make me happy :slight_smile:


It’s okay. Maybe you can do that in version 3! Perhaps you should throw in some random guy who wants to eat a chicken on Thanksgiving that for some reason turkeynaps the turkey and flies to Turkey.


yeah, but take the turkey at all though unless he wants it as a pet


I might work on a Christmas project for the winter challenge


How bout you also submit that project into my contest?


But turkey Tapper is a tangsgiving game
Imma make something related to making or giving a gift or family related or something