My New Game! Any suggestions to edit or improve it?



I already saw that when I was replying.


I just went to the edit button in the title, went to the tags section, and typed in the tag I wanted.

You’ll be able to do that when you get regular.


That’s gonna be very hard to do… also, you said that even MEMBERS can make custom tags! Did you lie?


I think you can, actually, if you do it on your own topic.
Not comepleety sure, I never really tried that.

I made you a #cocoa_viola tag if you ever wanna use it


Thanks! Unfortunately, now you have to take the lie detector rest.


That’s a beautiful drawing of me(?)

LGBOT. Or we could go to my GT


Your public profile is hidden, so I cannot go there. :slightly_frowning_face:

It worked! Now it’s live.

You were right; members can also make custom tags, but I didn’t try and create one.


If you are wondering why you are all wired up, it’s because the wires can sense your movement, which is sent to the polygraph monitor, showing signals of movement to prove whether or not you are honest.


Idk what the place is, sorry


Istanbul is a city in Turkey :tr:.


Oh. Makes sense. But because it’s thanksgiving everyone likes turkey, so I thought it would make sense. Besides how is a turkey going to get to Turkey?


Imagine it being turkeynapped and flown there by helicopter.


What about everyone else that wants turkey there?


I doubt that the Turks had a counteract experience, therefore not celebrating Thanksgiving and not eating the turkey.


Oh ok, thanks. I’ll look into it and might add it


You’re welcome, @MewtwoCreator.


To nominate a game for featured, go to the Nominations For Fetaured 2 topic (I think that’s what it’s called) and paste the link to the game.


Can you give me the link to that?


Ok, let me find it real quick


Here’s the link