My New Game! Any suggestions to edit or improve it?



This is my new game:

It’s a pretty easy timed Tapper. I kinda like it honestly but every game can e improved! If you want, comment or suggest ideas to improve or just talk about the new game of mine. Thanks in advance and if you like it you can always nominate it for featured, but I’m not saying you have to. It would make my day though! (Also, check out @CoderOfMagic ‘s new game like:

And nominate it for featured too, it’s a very well made game.)


anyone? Maybe everyone’s not here I will check later

List of people that could help me with this that are good with code or I think could help in general

If you know others that can help me improve this, list them below or tag them


Your turkey tapper game is amazing! I played it, and it was very interesting and fun! Well, I suggest @William04GamerA for help with code, and @CodeHelp
Thank you for liking my game!


Your welcome!
You have a lot more coding experience than me, I mostly do art with some coding.
And honestly I was just lucky I had one project featured.
You think art pads can get featured tho


Well, one topic on the forum said art pads could, I mean @MyPizza got her/his pixel painter right?


Sweet game.

Yeah, like CoM said, tag CodeHelp whenever you need help with code.
I’m in the CodeHelp tag list but if you ever need anything minor, feel free to tag me.

Like I suggested to CoM, why do t you make one topic for all of your new games? Or actually, why don’t you turn this into one giant topic where you post all of your projects.

If you did that, making a seperate tag list would be good.

How to Make a Tag List
  1. make a drop-down folder like this one in the description
  2. call it “TAG LIST”
  3. Make a poll in a seperate post, asking people if they either want to join the tag list or accidently interacted with the poll
  4. Tag everyone that chose the “I’d like to join your tag list” option on the Poll inside the drop-down tag list folder.

And there you have your very own tag list!

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Anything and anyone can get featured so long as THT or Hopscocth_Curators feel that’s it would be a good project that inspires creativity or shows excelent coding skills or very organized code, or just to give an unnoticed hopscotcher some attention and boost confidence.

Art has gotten featured before – @Grizzlyzoe’s gotten featured a bunch of times for her amazing art

Don’t try to hard, or beg tho, because most people (at least I) don’t like that. And try to not self nominate too much :wink:

Nominations for Featured 2!

True but it was innovative


Thanks for the advice


Here’s my ftu art pad
Now you can close the request sheet because idk what else to add



  1. One request form on the side (in the rectangle) would be fine I think.
  2. Make the text and current color and stuff in the rectangle a bit bigger
  3. Fix the darkened and the pastel
    – If you click on a color (I used red) and click pastel, you get pastel red. Then if you click on darken, you get darkened pastel red when you might’ve wanted just darkened normal red.
  4. If you fill it with a custom color and then press the eraser, you just get white, even though you might want an eraser the color of the background. It not something you have to fix, persay, but it’d be kinda nice.

That’s it for now, I’ll go play it again and see if I find anything else you should fix.


Well, @MewtwoCreator the art pad draws very nicely!
The words pastel, and those next to the colors are stacked a bit toppling. Maybe you could stack the words up and turn them white? Also, maybe you could shrink request sheet so it’s quite small?
Here’s a tip- make the green a pastel. It looks nicer, and does not brighten it!
Here you go friend!


Perhaps you could improve it by simply sending the turkey to Istanbul, rather than getting eaten, if you lose!


I thought only people in @trust_level_4 could make tag lists!


Well, technically those are groups. And yes, only Leaders can make groups like CodeHelp, FearlessFriends, Ninjago, etc.
The kind of tag list I was talking about was the drop-down folder one that I explained. Before t1 started making the custom groups for us when she was a mod, we used to use the drop-down folder tag lists.


I’m not getting tag lists confused with custom groups. I heard someone say that only moderators can make tag lists a very long time ago.


Well that’s not accurate in any way shape or form?

Anyone can make their own tag list…


Well, thanks for the clarification. I think that the person I heard was talking about a list of available tags that you can use when creating a topic.


Yeah no prob.

Actually, regulars and I think maybe even members can create the custom tags. I’ll make one for this topic and show you, actually. It’s called #icanmakeatagsee


How did you do that?