My new big project - Equation Calculator



I am making a big project and I want you to help me testing it and giving feedback!

What is this project?
It is a project that can solve equations using one of the most simple methods. However, I might figure out a more effective way to do it soon. In the beginning, you will choose how your equation is written. In the first version, you will probably only be able to choose one type of equation (like “a = (number) (subtraction, addition multiplication or division) (number)”).

The project will then solve the equation and display the results. To make the calculation easy and fast, you could also choose where you want to check for answers (1 - 100, 100 - 1000 and similar things).

How is the development going?
I have only started working on the project, so here is my plan:
Work on the calculation process and the calculation code (Done)
Work on the design and the options (In progress)
Publish the first beta version
Add more options and design
Add more kinds of equations
Publish another beta or the finished project
Continue updating the project.

I will keep you updated with my progress, so sign up for my “Equation Calculator” tag list!
I can help you test the project “Equation Calculator” or help you with any of the code:
@William04GamerA @HopscotchRemixer @BB-Box @Dylan329 @SummarianStudios

I want to know when the project “Equation Calculator” is finished and test it:
@William04GamerA @HopscotchRemixer
@SummarianStudios @WynterDiamond

I will update this topic later.


That’s sounds like a very good project @William04GamerA


I will help test it if you need it as well as help with code


Thank you so much! It will probably take some time to code, but I will try publishing it really soon!

Great! I will tag you when I need any help or testing. @HotShot37 do you want to be added to the tag list as well?


Sounds awesome. I would like to help you test
: D


I would love to test this project :smiley:


@BB-Box @Dylan329 @HotShot37 @HopscotchRemixer I have turned on global edit now, so edit in your names in the topic :slight_smile:


Sure, That would be great


I’d be interested


Cool, just edit in your name :slight_smile:


The project is now finished! The first beta version is now published. Here is a link to the project:

Here is some people that wants to be tagged when the project is finished:
@William04GamerA @HopscotchRemixer
@SummarianStudios @WynterDiamond
I thought that you wanted to be tagged too because you wanted to help out with the project:
@William04GamerA @HopscotchRemixer @BB-Box @Dylan329 @SummarianStudios


Cool! I look forward to any additional versions :slight_smile:


It looks awesome, but… I honestly don’t get what it solves because. Um idk XD
But it seems very advanced and feature worthy :slight_smile:

Edit: wait nvm I think I understand now, just confused myself XD



If I was doing that it’d be much simpler.

It wouldn’t look as good.


It looks nice but • and a multiplication sign are the same thing. Also if possible add exponents because those are common in algebra. I applaud that project though because it’s very cool.


This is an interesting project but now that I think about it this is pretty much useless if you have a calculator or a computer(which if you are on the forum or Hopscotch the internet has plenty of good calculators)


Uh you know It’s not about usefulness. It’s about the learning to code and doing what’s fun for you.


Fantastic! I have ideas for add ons:

  • Brackets
  • O indices
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

In BODMAS order, and even bracket expansion and also decimals/fractions.

These are just some ideas🙂




Brackets Of/indices Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. It Reads as BODMAS.