My New Account on Hopscotch


Hi Everyone!

I'll still be battledog. But I felt like I wanted to start fresh on a new account, so my new account will be AcuteAlpaca!

Just a FYI!


Ok!! That sounds like a good name!


I like your new name, have fun, keep coding:)


Wow! Thank you guys for the compliment..... I worked hard on the username and I'm glad you like it :slightly_smiling:


I really want to be your tenth like to give you your first nice topic badge, but oh well! Here, have a like! :heart:


Thank you very much :wink:


I gave you a nice post! And I love the name!


@DancingLollipop @smishsmash @Sprouse @Rawrbear
Oops! I decided I would just change my username to AcuteAlpaca... Hehe.


Here, have a like! :heart: