My new account and awesome game



My new account with my friend is called THE ORDER OF THE STONE, we/I added onto 4D4U, now you can draw it, please look at it and like if you like it, my goal is to get at the bottem of rising or higher, please look at @oio's because he (I think) created it. Here is my copyright for it:

copyright details

It is illegal to copy it the same, if you want you can do some differences if you give credit to THE ORDER OF THE STONE, and some to oio. If you take off the branding, you shall be reported...
All rights reserved

Hereis the link... and I need some suggestions also


Love hearing it!

Believe it or not, drawing in 3D was the original way that I actually used that code! Ha Ha! What a coincidence! I had controls on the side, where you select the layer and draw one layer at a time with everything frozen. And when I was done drawing, I would hit a "render" button that would let things move-around, as the iPad got tilted. Are you guys doing that? It'll be neat to have a look. I'll do that a little later. The reason I went with a math formula to describe the locations of the points in 3 or 4 dimensions was that I couldn't animate enough points to make a good, smooth drawing on my iPad without it getting laggy (and, of course, hitting clone limits, etc.) My finger-drawn stuff just didn't look that great.

Anyhow, thanks! I hope it works awesome for you. It's so NICE to have somebody actually DO something with an idea that I have shared and... maybe... make something cooler! Because, then, that result can give me (and others) inspiration to do it again! Right? Of course. It's an awesome cycle. Keep at it!


i need to be able to log on to my account


You could play it through the web player! :wink: