My Negative Thoughts on Hopscotch Itself

So I understand that hopscotch needs definitely money, but there is some negatives that has been lurking ever since seeds and 2018 update(s) was released.

Loads of features are now changed to their shadow self

Before, many and MANY features used are free.

For example, i created my first hard-worked project “Fireworks” (Which I cant find today) because of the “new” Fireworks Tutorial)

But now, everything has changed…
Hopscotch lost how it is helping kids to code and getting almost everything in the free version “free”, and most tutorials which are used to be free are now paid, imagine your favorite tutorial getting paid, which means you can’t EVER see it again unless with seeds/subscription.

Tutorials turned useful to useless…

I remeber myself trying one of those old tutorials that lead me to an veteran coder after a month or more, but now, even though the useful tutorials help people, they still make it paid to make it now inaccessible without seeds or a subscription.

Beta Editors are a small feature, yet deadly.

Beta Editors had many advantages, but there is a BIG disadvantage about it.
Beta Editors DONT have a free chance on the free version
Beta Editors is what I don’t want to waste my money for…

Too much limitations in the free version

Ever since seeds were added, I dont enjoy the limited stuff you can do.
The mad libs tutorial was since free, but after a few days, it turned worser because it turned paid.

(I just wish it turned to just only some tutorials premium and only images and drawings premium too… but it will never ever happen on this present day.)

And this is my negative thoughts of the hopscotch app on this present day.

you make great points! share more thoughts on how Hopscotch can improve seeds and the subscription in the Subscription Pros, Cons, and Suggestions topic!