My name on hopscotch


I am wondering about my name. It is starting to get hard to type. Should I change my hopscotch name? If so what should I make it?:confused::question:


I mean it is starting to get annoying to type


What's your username?

Edit: oh I see


Maybe just b ArtyK42 that's easier?


What about Kdartist
Same as K-the-artist but just changed the into abbreviation and remove all dashes. U can add the 42 if you want.


My sis called her gerbil
Glen coco the first but she changed it to

Glen coco da first lol


It's up to you. @anikeony has a good idea


Thanks. And I agree it's up to him to decide.


Did u just call me a him @anikeony?


Sorry. I didn't know


Don't worry. It's ok
Here is a picture of a ice cream parlor now


It is helpful to have a username that easy for others to search as well.


What's ur HS user?


Like mine it's use to remember easy to type and delicious


yeah like me... cough


K_the_artist42 it is in my name


I think you should change your name to "Hawaii Drawer".:grinning:

You may be able to see why I like that name.:wink: