My Music Project!


Hey guys!

I decided to try some music!

Here's the link!

I know it's not the best, but I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions! Thanks! :smile:


Wow, I love it! I'd never heard of that Lizst piece before, but I'll definitely be taking a look at it now! Great job!


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@Mathgirl, thanks a lot for the nomination!! :smile:


You're welcome! :D


wow! That's fantastic!


Whoa! This is amazing! Great job! :D


Sounds great wow I never could have done that awesome.


Wow! So nice to listen to! I can see how hard you worked on it! I upload music too, but not nearly as complicated and good.


This is amazing! Terrific job!


Silently tags @Anonymous

I know I'm not the creator, but I think he would have something to say here! :D

EDIT: :laughing: He replied right before I posted this.